Most popular Thai PVC enterprises postpone quotati

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Thai PVC enterprises postpone quotation

among many PVC exporting countries in Southeast Asia, the two major PVC manufacturers in Thailand are currently performing relatively strongly and maintaining close front relations with Japan

on September 10, shinyue and Dayang of Japan offered us $500/t universal material testing machine. Which cold molding foaming technology is more and more popular in some industries? What should I pay attention to? After the export quotation, the export guidance quotation of Thai PVC enterprises TPC and TPE to China is also USD/t. However, due to the fact that the error in the South China market is generally negative and still in an uncertain state, the market price rise is still lack of follow-up power, which can not meet the export transaction expectations of Thai PVC manufacturers. In addition, TPC and TPE are just at the end of the maintenance period in mid September. Whether to continue to reduce production or export at a loss is still an important issue for Thai PVC manufacturers to consider, Therefore, the Thai PVC manufacturers will postpone the official quotation for a few days<15N/p>

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