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Tencent cloud, information development and Jinxin Co., Ltd. jointly promote government affairs and cultural cloud services

recently, Tencent cloud officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai CITIC Information Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as information development) and Shanghai Jinxin computer system engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jinxin Co., Ltd.), and Tencent cloud partner ecological construction has made new breakthroughs in the government industry, cultural industry and other fields

Tencent cloud information development

the two sides will establish a comprehensive business partnership in the co construction of nozzle cloud computing services, ecosystem and government industry content when self-locking is appropriate for the government industry. In the future, the two sides will give full play to their respective technological and resource advantages, cooperate closely in market publicity and promotion, and jointly expand the government industry cloud market

information development has a deep industry accumulation in the fields of food circulation traceability, file management, political and legal affairs, etc. in recent years, it has begun to vigorously develop e-commerce of agricultural products, and is a leading enterprise in the domestic IT service field. In this cooperation, Tencent cloud will combine the safe, stable and reliable cloud computing services with the industrial advantages of information development to jointly provide Tencent cloud based cloud service solutions for government users in food circulation traceability, archives, justice and other industries, and help enterprises and institutions speed up the process of Internet + construction; Based on Tencent's Internet service capabilities and Internet genes in,, space, Tencent games and other businesses over the past decade, we will jointly discuss the future dissemination and promotion of information development e-commerce for agricultural products on the consumer side

zhangshuhua, chairman of information development, said that information development will give priority to cooperation with Tencent cloud at the level of cloud computing infrastructure, and seamlessly connect technologies on the platform side. Information development hopes to rely on the platform, technology, service and other technologies of Tencent cloud and clearly define the stretching speed: 5mm/min stretching to destroy the comprehensive ability of calculating the arithmetic mean value of five patterns, so as to provide customers with information solutions that are more in line with the development trend of cloud computing. Zhangshuhua also disclosed that information development will also comprehensively migrate its internal business systems to Tencent cloud, so as to improve the hybrid cloud and dual center architecture and build a highly available, secure, flexible and low-cost hybrid cloud platform. In addition, information development will promote SaaS services to enter the Tencent cloud service market and migrate the development of SaaS products to the Tencent cloud platform

Tencent yunjinxin Co., Ltd.

the two sides will jointly build a comprehensive business partnership in the cultural fields such as museums and archaeology, and jointly explore the cloud market in the cultural industry

zhangzuoping, chairman of Jinxin Co., Ltd., said that the demand for informatization in museums, archaeology, cultural market law enforcement, libraries and other fields is particularly prominent, and emerging technologies such as cloud computing and big data will bring more innovative models to the industry, which will be a blessing for promoting excellent culture. Jinxin shares hopes to integrate the platform, technology, service and other comprehensive capabilities of Tencent cloud into the development of the company and provide customers with one-stop cloud service solutions in the cultural industry

meanwhile, Jinxin will promote SaaS services in cultural fields such as museums and archaeology to enter the Tencent cloud service market, and move the development of SaaS products to the Tencent cloud platform

with regard to the cooperation between Tencent cloud and information, and the elongation at break of common polymer materials is also mostly between% ~ 100%. Huanghaiqing, vice president of Tencent cloud, said that the deep cultivation of information development in SaaS services such as the development and maintenance of government industry information systems will become a strong fulcrum for the cooperation between the two sides, and Jinxin will rely on its technical advantages and industry experience in the fields of archives management, museums and other cultural fields, Promote both sides to explore more market space

Qiu yuepeng, vice president of Tencent and head of Tencent cloud, said: as the carrier of Tencent's open connection platform strategy, Tencent cloud is willing to transfer Tencent's Internet service capabilities and Internet genes in,, space, Tencent games and other businesses over the past decade to all walks of life, and promote the transformation and upgrading of all industries

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