Fund preparation and other precautions before deco

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1、 Capital preparation for decoration is not a small investment for most families, so we should make a budget and set aside this part of money. Generally speaking, the total cost of decoration should be 10% to 20% of the house price

generally speaking, the accounting method for decoration is roughly as follows:

1 Design account: the design fee accounts for 5% of the whole decoration fee? Ranging from 20%

2. Material account: the current decoration materials have been a product flow operation, and decoration has become a model. In fact, it is a combination. Therefore, we can find the bottom price by running three building materials markets

3. Inquiry: inquiry is actually bargaining, and its purpose is to find out the base price of materials

4. Budget: on the basis of design and asking price, budget the material cost of the whole decoration together with the decorator

5. Time account: decoration is a big expense after all. Therefore, enough time must be reserved before decoration to put the design, materials, inquiry and budget in place. The more sufficient the preparation in the early stage, the faster the decoration can be

6. Equity account: according to the progress of the above items, sign a contract with a decorator with decoration qualification and ability. The contract content should include the materials used, the designated brand and the price agreed by both parties





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