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What about the lack of funds for home decoration? Bank loans can be used to solve financial problems, but how to apply for decoration loans under unsecured loans? Recently, an application for decoration loan from Shangrao proposed that with the help of the loan network, it was hoped to obtain a loan of 100000 yuan of unsecured decoration loan. How should he choose

demand Title: Shangrao personal loan of 100000 yuan, unsecured; Loan No.: hl2203biq0; Loan amount: 100000 yuan; Loan purpose: personal consumption loan; Monthly income: 5000-8000 yuan; Loan area: Shangrao -- Shangrao -- Shangrao City; Salary payment form: bank transfer; Main guarantee methods: Unsecured; Detailed description of loan demand: for purchasing decoration building materials. Salary repayment

analysis: Shangrao's fund demanders hope to apply for a 100000 yuan Shangrao decoration loan. At present, there are stable jobs, wages issued by the bank, stable jobs and incomes, and can provide bank flow. In the form of unsecured loans, it can be handled through personal credit consumption loans. This kind of loans do not need to provide mortgage guarantee, but the approval conditions of the application and the specific credit status of the applicant are very strict. The bank will strictly review the details of the applicant's work nature, industry, income status and so on. In terms of credit line, generally speaking, the personal credit line that ordinary customers can get is about 4-6 times of their monthly income

in addition, Shangrao fund demanders, who have no mortgage or guarantee, can also use credit cards to purchase decoration building materials in large installments. At present, the business expansion of bank credit cards is very wide. Many banks, together with decoration companies and decoration product manufacturers and distributors, have launched the installment business of credit card decoration without paying additional interest. However, if the decoration is carried out by credit card installment, the cooperative decoration company and decoration product manufacturer and distributor designated by the card issuing bank must be selected, and the scope of selection is narrow. Applicants can reasonably determine the required loan amount, term and loan method according to their actual economic income

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