The world's first hybrid digital screen printing m

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Successful installation of the world's first hybrid digital silk printing machine

recently, m-press digital silk printing system, jointly developed by Agfa and Thieme, innovatively integrates digital and silk printing on one printing line. The production line was successfully installed in SMP group printing company in London, England

m-press digital silk printing machine can print flexible or rigid materials up to 10mm thick. Asia Pacific innovation park will become BASF's largest R & D center in the Asia Pacific region. The maximum paper 84 waterproof coating sheet size is 1660 mm x 2660 mm, while the maximum printable size is 1600 x 2600 mm, and the production capacity is as high as 100 sheets/hour

information source: the global color box industry can reduce the cost of products by 20% ⑶ 0% in the long run.

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