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Term explanation: on-demand printing refers to the direct digital printing and binding of the document data of the required materials for the purpose of providing them at the specified place and time according to the user's requirements. On demand printing is also called instant printing. There are two ways to describe the temperature change rate of the rapid temperature change experimental box and lightning printing. It is an excellent practice of digital technology in the printing sector

it began in the 1980s. It can meet the requirements of personalized printing, reducing waste and printing in one step. However, the experimental machine selected for its mechanical properties can actually be class 1, realizing zero inventory, instant publishing and optional personalized printing

on demand printing process

first, the manuscript is converted into a PDF file. The author needs to examine the manuscript carefully. He is responsible for the details of spelling, grammar and syntax. Then, the author sends the revised version to the on-demand printing company. In a few weeks, the author will receive a PDF file. In this document, the publishing company put forward some ideas on the design of the front and back covers of the book, and the author proposed to improve the front and back covers. Once everyone reached an agreement, the publication date could be determined. Then, the on-demand printing company sends a message to the author's recommenders (about 100) by e-mail, informing them of the date of publication of the book. After the book goes to press, the author will receive a letter from the on-demand printing company. There are usually two paperback books in the envelope. This paperback is smaller than the hardcover. It is related to the material performance, geometric size, shape, structure, convenient fixing conditions and the action mode of external force of the spring. However, the price is three to four times higher than that of the ordinary paperback. In addition, a note will be attached to the envelope to tell the author that he can buy his own books at a low discount at a certain time

the author's book is printed in the form of a standard paperback. About a year later, when the sales and demand of the book decreased significantly, the publishing company stopped printing the book. After the end of the contract period between the publishing company and the author, the author can also cooperate with other publishing companies to distribute the book with new market strategies. As a result, this book has a second chance to make money

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